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About Me


From his early days buried in the dark and twisted pages of writers like Stephen King, Clive Barker, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert R. McCammon, Dean Koontz, and Edgar Allen Poe, Daniel’s mind started its journey into madness. Writing short stories, tv and movie scripts, novels and the like when he was a young man demonstrated how he was going to escape life’s ups and downs. Now all grown up and with knowledge and education in law enforcement, technology, the medical field and forensics, Daniel mixes all of that into his writing along with his passion for apocalyptic, thrillers and horror genres, to create his own worlds in the form of books for people to enjoy.


Daniel MacLagan officially earns the title of “published author” after he self-publishes his first book, The Pulse, after completing the NaNoWriMo competition. He was so inspired that he wrote the book in seven days.


Nowadays, Daniel reads many different genres including apocalyptic, thrillers, espionage, and horror. Authors like Stephen King, Mark Dawson, JK Ellem, Jack Hunt, AR Shaw, Steven Moore, Luke Richardson and so many others all inspire Daniel. He currently writes in the apocalyptic genre, specifically young adult, but he has plans to expand into some others.

“Daniel MacLagan can only be described as a talented, accomplished writer who knows what a reader wants in a great novel!”

Aimee for Redheaded Book Lover