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Search for Truth

Who knew about the Secretary’s plan? What is his bigger plan for Dean’s old Black Ops team?

With the Colonel dead, Dean must search for his former team members and recruit them to find the answers to why their loved ones were murdered and the ‘Pulse’ was blamed for their deaths. Using Alex’s hacking skills, they find the other team members’ locations. They go to recruit them but run into a hit squad sent by someone associated with the Secretary that is trying to silence the team.

Can they get the team back together and find all those involved in the Secretary’s plan before it is too late? Can they find the Secretary and learn his bigger plan before they are all silenced?

“Search for Truth” is the second book in the Young Adult fiction post-apocalyptic series, the “Greenlight Boys”, which features compelling characters, a pair of kick-ass brothers and surprising plot twists. If you liked other post-apocalyptic series like Graham’s Resolution, Survive the Darkness, or Edge of Collapse, then you’ll love Daniel MacLagan’s follow-up post-apocalyptic adventure.

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