First book in the Greenlight Boys series has been published

I’m so very happy to announce that my first book, the first of a series of young adult fiction books, has just been published onto Amazon.  It is available for the Kindle and in paperback.  Here is the book cover.


Click on the image to be directed to the Amazon store so you can buy your copy.  I’d love for everyone who buys a copy to let me know what you think.  I’m sure there will be several people mad at me because of the ending, but I will be working on the next book in the series come the new year.

Here’s a little blurb about the book.  I hope you enjoy the book and thank you to everyone who has been so supportive in me while I work on a dream.

Five years ago, a deadly virus called the ‘Pulse’, was released by terrorists. In less than two years, it had spread around the world, killing a couple billion people. Now, a new terrorist group, the Accolades of Liberation, are threatening to release a more powerful virus and are targeting what they call the corrupt governments and military. Dean Robertson, an ex-Black Ops military intelligence officer, and his teenage sons, Alex and Danny, are recruited by Dean’s former commander to infiltrate the new terrorist group and stop them from releasing the virus. Along the way, while trying to stop the terrorists, Dean discovers a secret about his wife’s death and that there is a bigger conspiracy behind all the horror of the past five years.

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