Daniel MacLagan was born and raised in Michigan, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is the proud father of two awesome sons.  He has had a passion for writing ever since he was eight years old.  Whether he was writing television screenplays, movie scripts, short stories, or novels, Daniel was creating characters and stories to pull in the reader and that they could relate to.  His favorite genres are true crime, horror, and fiction that was set near modern day.  Daniel pulls his ideas from the many different topics he’s studied and experiences throughout his life.  Those life experiences include time serving his country in the US Navy onboard a nuclear submarine or caring for others.  He strives to leave a legacy of books for his sons.

‘GREENLIGHT BOYS – the Pulse’ is his first novel and the first in the ‘Greenlight Boys’ series.  To stay up-to-date on Daniel’s upcoming books, activities, and appearances, sign up for his newsletter at the bottom of any page.